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What Are The Requirements To Join The Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program?

Being part of the Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program is a bit of a two way street. We need certain things from you, so we can market your business and promote your company and provide you the exclusive leads. Minimum Requirements:

  • If you are in a state that requires licensing – we will need proof of your license.
  • You must have general liability insurance of a minimum of $1 Million.
  • Able to handle a minimum of 10 leads a month – (this is not 10 new jobs as this would be a 100% closing ratio)
  • Have good online reviews or references – We want to do business with folks that treat their customers well and do good work.
What Is The Cost Per Lead?

Our pricing of Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program leads range from as little as $100 to $1500 for exclusive leads.  Depending on where you are located – small towns smaller fees per lead. We will determine the cost per lead for you after we have had the initial strategy session. Most of our “partners”are paying between $120 – $350 for each qualified lead.

Together we will calculate the cost per lead for your company, with so many variables in play it makes it difficult to provide a price list, but don't worry we will be fair and want our pricing to work for both of us - we are looking at this as a long term relationship.

How Do I Pay For The Leads?

For all of our Contractor Marketing Program “partners” together we determine how many leads per month you can handle and invoice you in advance for the leads. The minimum monthly fee begins at $2,500, at the end of each month we review your account and remove any non-qualifying leads (telemarketing calls, wrong number or people not interested) and adjust your invoice for any addition leads over the base amount or apply a credit if the month did not generate as many leads as projected and bill your credit or debit card.

What is included in the Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program?

The Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program is for established companies and is 100% risk free, with no set-up fees, no pay-per-click advertising fees, no maintenance fees whatsoever. When you’re part of the Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program all you pay for are exclusive leads we generate for you.

  • Fully Optimized Responsive Website
  • Local Listings in Directories & Speciality Listing Sites  
  • SEO Services On Your New Website
  • Free Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Free ReMarketing Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Tracking, Complete With Call Recording & Auditing.

All this is included in the Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program at NO COST.

Do I Have To Pay For Leads I Generate Myself?

We Never Charge For Leads You Generate.

The Leads You Don’t Pay For.

  • Visitors to your own website:  Someone types your domain name into the address bar in their browser, you don’t pay for this.
  • Searches For Your Brand:  Someone searches for ABC Contractor, this is a brand search – and they go to your current branded website.
  • Leads Generated Online By You: If you are paying for links on other sites such as yellowpages.com, you will not be charged for leads that originate from these sites as these visitors will go to your branded website.
  • Local Marketing: Someone sees your truck, lawn sign, flyer, and takes your web address, and comes directly to your branded site.

Leads That You Pay For:

  • Leads that we generate from our seo services on your new website resulting in  organic/natural search results. As an example, if someone searches for “electrical contractor seattle” and clicks through to your website, this is an organic search.
  • Leads that we generate through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
  • Leads that we generate from any other online advertising or marketing efforts that sends traffic to the new website.
How Do I Know Where The Leads Come From?

When we develop your new website (lead generating machine) we only work at promoting the new website. All of our efforts are directed to your new website. This includes seo, social media marketing, local directory listings, link building, press releases, remarketing ads, pat per click ads and new content generation to your new website. We also add a special tracking phone numbers on the website to direct the calls to you. Every call we direct to you is logged and recorded so you can go back and listen to them if you want. All of the completed forms from your website are also logged.

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes you can! There is no long term commitment. You can cancel at any time with just 30 days notice.  As we will be investing resources. time, energy and money in creating your new website. Doing all of the seo, PPC advertising and promotion we have a minimum one billing cycle to cancel. From when you become part of the Connexions Inbound Lead Generation Program we have a 20-30 day build out of your new website, during this phase we are getting information from you on the services you provide, photos of your crew and jobs you have done – basically everything needed to create a new website for you. Also during the first 30 days we are integrating new telephone numbers and having them routed to you and building a web presence. The next 30 – 60 days we are generating leads for you and as time passes our efforts bear fruit and your lead count continually increases.