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Being a small business requires specialist SEO knowledge to succeed. Here at Connexion Solutions we are SEO experts at ranking local companies and helping them dominate their market. We understand the difference in keyword phrases that a web visitor is searching; there is a difference in the users intent when searching. For example “search term Denver” vs ” how do i search term Denver“, with these two different search terms you have two vastly different users, one wants to hire you for your services the other wants to probably do it themselves.

There might be something you need that we are not including in one of our SEO Packages, that’s OK, we can customize an SEO package just for you.

We understand with the crowded landscape of SEO companies trying to get your business, it can be a difficult task to pick the best. We are specialists in SEO for the construction and home improvement trades. As such we know what works and what doesn’t for seo in your local market.

How To Hire an SEO Company

Maile Ohye from Google explains in this video what you need to look for in an search engine optimization agency.