Lead Generation For Home Improvement Contractors

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How Good Are Your Leads?

Lead generation for the home improvement industry is big business. You have some very large companies selling leads to home improvement contractors, some of the companies that sell shared leads are Craftjack, Home Advisor, ServiceMaster. If you have ever purchased leads from a large lead broker or a service, you are typically buying a shared lead. A shared lead is one where you and two or three other contractors also get the same lead… this is a race to the lowest price for the customer. Also the lead has no knowledge of your home improvement company or your service. This type of shared lead is about as good as a cold call lead – and we know what cold calling leads is like.

The Connexion Solutions Difference

We design and build a custom website exclusively for your home improvement company, we do social media marketing on twitter, facebook and elsewhere, we run retargeting advertising campaigns and we so all the online pay per click advertising and seo. We build your brand.

Lead Generation

Generating sales leads for the home improvement and construction industry is the “life-blood” of your home improvement company.  With years gone-bye  home improvement contractors would advertise in the yellow pages of the phone book, canvas the area handing out flyers or brochures, radio advertising and local newspaper ads. With the advent of the internet most new customers are coming from doing online searches for your service. The key is to be found on page #1 of the search results. Here at Connexion Solutions be believe that our home improvement clients need to have quality on-line digital marketing supporting their website and business to rank at the top of the search engines. We put the power of white hat holistic seo on our clients websites. In addition we use social media marketing, retargeting campaigns and so much more.

Lead Generation For Home Improvement Contractors

Our Lead Generation Service Is Available For Home Improvement Contractors In The Following Categories: