Book A Strategy Session

What’s A Strategy Session?

A strategy session is nothing more than either a telephone call or online screen share, they are very casual and they are designed to learn a bit about each other.Our strategy sessions are useful for both of us, it lets you talk with us and learn more about Connexion Solutions and we learn about you and your company. During the online meeting we will explore how we are able to help you build your business and your goals for the business. Think of the initial Strategy Session as a “first date“, we get to know each other, and chat about what your looking to accomplish over the next year with your business.  We will be doing a lot of listening, you will give us a background on your company and yourself, tell us about the work you do, the number of jobs you do and how many more jobs a month you can handle. We will ask about the average price of a job, the number of jobs you did last year to this year, we need to know if we send you leads you are able to handle them. The initial Strategy Session we will have will last approximately 30 minutes, and will either be a telephone call, or online meeting.  If we think you are the type of person and company we can work with we will then move to the next stage.

What Are The Requirements To Become Part Of The Contractor Marketing Program?

Being part of the Contractor Marketing Program is a bit of a two way street. We need certain things from you, so we can market your business and promote your company and provide you the exclusive leads. Minimum Requirements:

  • If you are in a state that requires licensing – we will need proof of your license.
  • You must have general liability insurance of a minimum of $1 Million.
  • Able to handle a minimum of 10 leads a month – (this is not 10 new jobs as this would be a 100% closing ratio)
  • Have good online reviews or references – We want to do business with folks that treat their customers well and do good work.

Thank you for your interest in being part of our Contractor Marketing Program.

All potential members need to complete the form below, there are no shortcuts, if you call us we will refer you back to the form to have you complete before we talk with you.

Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email, and a meeting schedule request, the meeting request will show you what days and times are available for a strategy session.

We wish we could talk to everyone that has an interest in our Contractor Marketing Program, but with time limits we need to have all contractors go through the process.