Twitter marketing has always trailed behind the leading social media networks. That’s okay, we’ll let Facebook pull in more active users. As a growing business, you’re reading this because you’re looking for unique ways to grow a social presence, not the common ones. The micro-blogging platform continues to grow with users becoming more active, big brand activity, and social influencers. Twitter is such a fast-paced environment that many businesses don’t have the time or inclination to use it for marketing. However, Twitter is also highly effective for driving traffic and increasing engagement with both your content and your company, so it pays to get an account set up and someone to manage it properly. Today, it is not enough just to write and push out content. Social media is not just another marketing channel you can use to reach your target audience. The biggest mistake a company can make is to use social media as simply another marketing outlet to sell a product. It’s much more than that. With social media popularity always on the incline, it’s time to find a way to reach users without disturbing them. Increasingly, businesses are joining the ranks of adding Twitter as a main way of communicating with customers and building brand recognition. They see an opportunity to use Twitter to accelerate sales and growth for the business. For many people, Twitter is the go-to resource for breaking news, and that includes product launches. The iPad Pro launch event in September 2015 resulted in 1,648,746 tweets during the keynote presentation for instance. This real-time stream of data also provides marketers with valuable insights into their respective markets, helping you better target future Twitter marketing campaigns.

Twitter Marketing Basics

As one of the world’s best-known, best-used social networks, it is vital that Twitter has a place in your social media marketing portfolio. Before you even begin tweeting, there’s nothing stopping your business from setting up a corporate account and customizing it to match your branding. You can also begin the process of identifying your audience on Twitter and develop a suitable tone of voice for your marketing messages. Using social listening and sentiment analysis tools, you can gain insight into the pain-points of your target audience, and identify how your brand can be offer solutions to these issues. You should also optimize your Twitter marketing profile in advance, like building keywords into your bio, to increase visibility in organic searches. You will also have to start sharing content before you can begin advertising on Twitter, otherwise, your application to join the advertiser’s program may be rejected. Twitter is a great marketing tool and can be used by businesses of all sizes. You can also use Twitter advertising to boost your presence on the social network and I have found it to be pretty effective so far. It’s affordable for smaller businesses and it’s possible to set a small daily budget. Bearing this in mind, do think about using it as a means to get started, but ensure you have your content and sharing plan mapped out first. Twitter ads are simple to use and you can target by location, interests, gender, etc. just like you can with any other advertising platform. Best of all, it’s not too difficult to work out if you’re a small business owner and it gives you all the metrics you would expect, such as engagement levels, analytics, and conversion tracking.

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