Making any type of predictions in digital marketing trends can be risky, especially in the business world. Making technological predictions are no less risky, but they are easier to make than other sorts.

The materialization of digital technology has connected the world and brought about a whole new generation. It isn’t a generation confined by age, but one who is a powerful new force in consumer culture – a group of people defined by a mindset. It is a mindset that cares deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community.

And though it is impossible to predict the future, what we can be certain of is the pace at which change will continue to accelerate will only continue to outpace our previous expectations. All we can do for now is to refer to all the different studies conducted by professionals to get some kind of picture of what the trend will be in the future.

The 2020 Consumer

To develop the marketing philosophy of the future we also need to understand the 2020 consumer. Three factors will continue to influence consumer behavior:

1. Full adoption of new technologies: by the year 2020 some 2.5 billion smartphones will be in use. Much more than is the case today, the internet and digitization will be the most natural thing in the world.

2. Transparency: the continued adoption of technology will make the world even more transparent. Consumers will be perfectly aware of which companies are doing well and which aren’t. As a result, consumers will demand better service. Instead of simply comparing companies with the competition, they will compare them with class-leading companies. This will raise the bar considerably.

3. Selectivity: technology will become even more effective at shielding consumers from commercial messages. New media will enable consumers to be very selective about which companies he or she is linked with. Gaining access to the 2020 consumer will prove extremely difficult.

For many companies, 2020 acts as a symbolic deadline, with many strategic plans working towards that date. Everyone is convinced the face of marketing and entrepreneurship will have changed profoundly by the time 2020 rolls around.

As work silos crumble and companies embrace the transparency and efficiency of team collaboration in the cloud, we’ll begin to see more scalable content that matters reach far more knowledgeable customers. As a result, 70% of selling is likely to happen through marketing, before sales teams have a chance to engage. Marketing will refocus and center around the customer, not just products and channels.

Digital Marketing Trends Predictions Based on Data

It is believed that digital marketing trends will have the ability to do predictive analysis. Business value and ROI (Return on Investment) will be a major player in the game. The all-important ROI can only be calculated with accurate data on what is driving traffic and conversions.

Predictive business intelligence technology such as machine learning and AI are no longer foreign concepts that can be ignored. They’re here to stay and changing digital marketing trends as we know it. Both allow marketers to create personalized solutions for customers and staying on top of related trends can help business become more efficient in the future.

To summarize, in 2020 with an estimated 2.5 billion Smartphones in use, internet and digitization will ensure that new technologies will be fully adopted. And this continued adoption will ensure transparency and consumers will be more demanding and expect better service. And the bar will be raised considerably as this transparency will ensure clarity on the company’s performance and rating meaning they won’t just look at your competition but look at a company that will provide the kind of service they want. And finally, with all this, there will be an increase in selectivity! Technology will be more efficient in keeping commercial messages at bay and consumers will become more discerning of doing business with a company with the help of new media.

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