Welcome to Connexion Solutions

The Connexion Solutions Story…

So many companies today create grandiose mission statements, vision plans, and a lot of fluff and B%$& S*&$#. End of the day we’re all fed up with companies telling us just how they are so great, the best in the business.

At Connexion Solutions we would like to think we are different from the rest of the herd.  We are just a bunch of hard working guys and gals that for whatever reason came together to work as a group that produces some pretty dam good results for our clients. We call our clients our “partners” – why partners… its actually a very simple concept to understand. We are good at what we do, and you are good at what you do. So if we take our good stuff plus your good stuff it should equal something great.

Connexion Solutions Digital Marketing

Creating Greatness

Now your thinking here comes that marketing mumbo jumbo…. nope, not really.

Here at Connexions we understand marketing, advertising, sales, lead generation. the internet and a whole lot more. Everyone here adds their little piece of knowledge to the mix and as a group we create greatness. But without you we have nothing to create.  Just like a chef – he may have all the talent, and a great kitchen but without the food needed for the recipe he is just a guy standing in a room with nothing to do.

That’s like you and us. You may be the best contractor in your town but if nobody knows that you’re the best contractor, you’re just a guy standing there. With your skills in the home improvement/construction trade and our expert knowledge and experience in generating leads, marketing and advertising when we join forces together we can create greatness.

We’re One Of The First 100% Distributed Team Digital Marketing Agency

We do things a little differently than most of the other digital inbound agencies in  Miami, London or for that matter the world. We don’t have any superpowers, but many of our clients link we do.  We run our agency with all of our staff in scattered around the world – this is what’s known as “Distributed Teams” and you might just be surprised at how many companies you may already do business with are using this business model.  We have taken our cue from 37 Signals, a company that your are probably familiar with they are the owners of Base Camp the project management software. The remote office is not the future it is – today.  Sure we have an office in Miami and London, but their small and only their for us to touch down when we need to.

A Bit of History…

What makes us better than the other lead generation companies or digital marketing agencies. We would like to think its our history and what we can bring to the table.

Will We Like You?

If you have wheelbarrows full of cold hard cash and are difficult to do business with, treat your customers poorly, do shoddy work…. well we don’t want you as a “partner”, on the other hand you’re a nice guy, a hard worker, do great work and your customers love you then you are the kind of person we want to do business with.

When you combine two forces together you get something better… Butch and Sundance, Fred and Ginger, Lucy and Ricky.  We are nothing without our clients, and we learned a long time ago that good clients stay for the long haul.  This is where we are different to all the other lead generation companies and internet marketers. We want to help you grow your business, and when we help you grow your business you help us grow ours.

Life is short… why work with folks you don’t like?