We turn website visitors into leads, then to clients and finally to raving fans for your business.

Helping businesses grow is all we do.

Brad Averhill

Inbound Marketing Is More Than Just Lead Generation

Connexion Solutions helps people just like you to increase revenues and build their business.

In today’s fragmented business landscape it can be a difficult proposition to grow your business… you are over worked and maybe even under staffed for getting the job done. You have the expertise in your business, your daily activities are directed at serving your customers and doing the best work possible.  You no doubt have an accountant or bookkeeper that keeps all of your accounting records in order, and you probably have an attorney to help you with legal aspects of you business, so why don’t you have a marketing expert on your team to grow your business?

Digital DNA
Digital DNA

We help businesses grow! As small business growth experts.  We turn leads into clients. Helping businesses grow by increasing website traffic, nurturing leads and converting  them to a customer through inbound marketing, data analysis, sales automation and revenue optimization is done only within our areas of expertise.

By focusing on certain verticals we can help pinpoint growth opportunities.. Most of our clients income is now generated from on-line digital marketing. As small business growth experts we can generate more hot leads per client than any other source.

We Build Your Business One Lead At A Time.

Complete Digital Marketing Services Connexion Solutions knows how to increase revenues for companies just like you. With our proven digital marketing strategies we can help take your business to the next level. If we don’t generate results for your business we don’t get paid. Our risk free digital marketing program of providing exclusive live leads is helping folks just like you across the country grow their business daily.

Exclusive Leads From $399 Monthly

Generate More Leads For Your Business At A Fixed Monthly Rate!

Our high value inbound lead generation program is waiting for you.



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The Full Stack Inbound Digital Marketing Agency

We want to provide you some of the best-of-breed marketing services to grow your business quarter on quarter and year on year. No longer can you market your business like you once did. Times have changed, and your customer now comes to you when they are 70% committed to the purchase. Being their for the last 30% is only a good position if you were there when they need the information to make the buying decision in the previous 70% of the buyer's journey. Let us fill up your marketing funnel with the 70% of customers you're missing.


Get your business the exposure it demands and dominate the search engine rankings with Google, Bing and Yahoo. All digital paths leads to you.


Our digital marketing strategy drives more visitors to your website. We convert visitors to leads, and become customers. You will sell more stuff.


We will grow your business with a constant stream of new laser targeted visitors to your website that actually want to do business with you.


We develop winning inbound marketing and advertising programs with lead acquisition, retention, CRO, with a goal of engagement and 10X your business.


We're a team of 45 digital professionals, and look to our clients as friends and business partners. If we help you grow and succeed we will benefit as well.


As long as you are happy with the results, stay with us. You're paying for results and that's what we deliver every minute of everyday, month in - month out.


We're not happy with just a first position ranking, we want you to dominate your competitors and control the marketplace. Grow big or go home.


Every month you will receive reports with rankings and other important information. We alert you to any possible issues and detail the work we performed for you.


Strategy and planning is key to success. We do organic 100% natural marketing. We don't cut corners or use any techniques that create a risk.


In-bound marketing is the key, the “holy grail” of digital marketing and generating more lead that become customers. You need the right type of marketing at the right time.


Custom lead generation programs designed with natural and paid media that gets more customers to your website, social media and paid advertising.  We have the experience and expertise to create successful lead generation strategies and a comprehensive plan for its’ execution.


The core of internet marketing hinges on the quality of your website for attracting new visitors and converting them to customers. If your website is not converting its time for a change.


SEO in 2016 has dramatically changed from what it once was. From technical on-page search engine optimisation to content marketing, social media, CTR, link building, micro conversions and inbound marketing all play a role in how your website ranks. We deliver guaranteed results with our proven process.


Your reputation is everything. In days gone by we called it word-of-mouth, now that your life and business is online for everyone to see reputation management and reviews are critical.



Just having a website and a blog is not digital marketing. In today’s marketing jungle you need your message to stand out in the crowd. Content marketing is just one more part of the digital jigsaw.



Social media, the buzz, going viral whatever you want to call it, this is one part of your seo strategy that can’t be overlooked. It’s about a conversation, not yelling at them.


Reaching your customers where they spend their time. Buy targeted advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and others social media platforms, and follow that up with laser focused Re-marketing (re-targeting) ads to reduce your acquisition cost and increase your ROI.


Outreach marketing also known as blogger or PR outreach that develops opportunities for you to have your message delivered to new audiences with various outreach channels.


Automation of you’re marketing processes makes for a more efficient process of moving your visitors to prospects, then leads and ends with success of turning them into a customer.


Advanced sales funnels, A/B and MV testing are just a couple of tools used for CRO. Website design, sales funnels and automation are fine tuned for the visitor journey.


We leverage the power of email to help you nurture your relationships with those in all stages of your buying cycle. Deliver the right personalized messages at the right time.

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Let us walk you through the steps you can take  to transform your current marketing + sales. Our custom blue-print will take your business to the next level.

The Game Plan

Take your business to the next level. Discover how Connexion Solutions can help you reach the next stage of business growth with an sales + marketing Game Plan.

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